Founder of Natural born chasers

My Name is Vincent but i go by the name Keyz. I thought about this company about 5-6 years ago but i wasn't able to apply to get all the plans and pieces in motion until just this year. This company is my dream and I am a very family oriented person so i treat this company and business as my family. Everyone involved in helping me make this dream a reality is like family to me and we all hold this company dear to out heart. I wanna do things within this company especially giving back to the community and helping those that are in need. My Motto is "This isn't just a brand, it's a Family and a Lifestyle". I use this motto because we need more unity and togetherness in the world, we need to help one another move forward in the world so we all get ahead and we're not fighting one another to be successful and do something positive in this life.